Monday, June 28, 2021

Return of the Publix Coupon Clipper

My Publix Coupon Clipper bookmarklet has been offline for a while now due to changes that had been made to the to website code to disable it.  I like to think the changes made were specifically targeted at my bookmarklet, but it may have been purely coincidental too.  Regardless, my handy clipper was rendered inoperable with no way to circumvent what they had done to disable it.

For those reading this who are unfamiliar with it, I introduced the coupon clipper in January 2014 as a "Clip All" function that was (and still is) missing from the site to quickly and easily clip all the digital coupons so they'll all be ready and waiting when you checkout.  I revised it November 2015 to deal with some page changes, but in December of 2016 a change was added to the site that permanently disabled it.

Fortunately for us, they've re-written the coupon site using Vue instead of JQuery and the code that prevented the coupon clipper from working did not make the transition.  I've made the necessary changes to make it work with the new page, and it's working again!  So while it lasts...

Please go to for installation instructions, and please drop me a comment here if you try it out to let me know how it works for you.


Trips said...

Looks like Publix updated their site again. The clipping still works but it no longer auto populates the next page.

Steven Pothoven said...

Thanks for pointing that out. They changed the format of that button so my query to find it to click it wasn't finding it. I fixed it so it's now clicking the button again, but they appear to have re-introduced a check for fake click events on that button code which is what broke the coupon clipper to begin with. Hopefully they don't do the same on all the coupon buttons.