Friday, November 20, 2015

Updated Clip All function for Publix Digital Coupons

Over a year ago, I provided the Clip All function for Publix Digital Coupons.  It's been working well and I've received plenty of positive feedback for it.

This month, Publix revised their digital coupon site and the function stopped working.  I have fixed my code and it should work again!  There are a few things to point out though.

First, the method I used in the past for attaching my JavaScript code to their site no longer works.  When I do that, it causes the page to re-load itself, which then negates the addition of my code.  I now load the code and invoke the function from within the bookmarklet.  That works out fine, but that method no longer allows me to re-direct you to the coupon site if you're not currently there.  So you need to invoke the code from the coupon site.

Second, the no longer have links to more pages of coupons, but load more dynamically as you scroll down the page.  I try to make the code emulate the scrolling activity to automatically load more coupons, but it doesn't always trigger the event to load more coupons.  So, if you're sitting on the bottom of the page with all the coupons 'clipped', try to scroll up and down a little to see if more coupons start loading.  If more load, the auto-clipping function should kick back into action.

Please go to for installation instructions, and please drop me a comment here if you try it out to let me know how it works for you.