Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome (Chromium) JavaScript speed

Today Google announced and released their own web browser named Chrome (aka Chromium). They even made a nice comic book to describe the advantages of it.

One of the key features they advertise is faster JavaScript execution due to the V8 JavaScript VM. So, I decided to test it using my JS-BogoMips test.

Here are the results of my tests (Windows Vista on Intel® Core™2 Quad Q6600):
Firefox 3:
JS-BogoMIPS (3x) = (0.436779 + 0.446775 + 0.450888) / 3 = 0.444814

JS-BogoMIPS (3x) = (2.758552 + 2.884791 + 2.881541) / 3 = 2.841628

which is a 6.4x speed increase!

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