Thursday, December 13, 2007

Performance-based Web App Functionality

In the development of some CPU intensive web applications, I've come to realize that sometimes I need to throttle down some of the features of the application in order to maintain good response times for a better user experience. So, I've added what I refer to as jsBogoMips to some of my applications.

The above example shows throttling of visual effects, but it can be used to throttle other things as well. For example, in the application I actually developed this for, while it does use visual effects, what I really needed to be throttled was the generation of an SVG chart from an arbitrary amount data elements received in XML data. So, based on the jsBogoMips value, I control how many data points are charted.

If you're interested in some alterative JavaScript performance testing, you might also be interested in Celtic Kane's JavaScript Speed Test and Performance Tests for Opera 9.5.

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