Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blog renamed

I decided to rename my blog. Until now, it had been entitled Pothoven's Pansophy

When I originally named it, I picked pansophy because I wanted a word for knowledge or wisdom that started with 'P' for some alliteration with my name. So, looking up knowledge or wisdom in a thesaurus I found:

\Pan"so*phy\, n. [Pan- + Gr. ? wisdom, ? wise: cf. F. pansophie.] Universal wisdom; esp., a system of universal knowledge proposed by Comenius (1592 -- 1671), a Moravian educator.

However, every time I look at it, it looks too much like pansy. So, I'm renaming the blog to Pothoven Post to sound more like a newspaper, but still with the alliteration.

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